Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons


Developer: Eero Tunkelo
System: Commodore Amiga
Original Format: Disk
Year: 2020
Genre: Platform
Size: 863KB
Players: 1
Region: PAL & NTSC




Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons was originally developed in 1992 for the Commodore Amiga before a number of hurdles halted its development. Fortunately the game has since been completed and was finally released in 2020.  You play as Smarty and you must rescue your grandfather and his dream machine from Dr. Nightmare, who intends to use the machine to control people’s lives. Armed with your grandfather’s Inventor’s Hat and Hypno Zapper and accompanied by your dog Slurpy, you must clear screens full of enemies to collect keys and reach the next stage.

This colourful platform game features fun and challenging gameplay and catchy music throughout.