It’s Magic


Developer: Protovision
System: Commodore 64
Original Format: Disk
Year: 1997
Genre: Platform
Size: 170KB
Players: 1
Region: PAL & NTSC




It’s Magic is a cute platform game by Protovision, where you play as Tommy the tomcat as he tries to leave his home world, the Dream Islands. You must travel through three worlds made up of eight stages filled with enemies and traps. To complete a stage, Tommy has to collect all the diamonds and a magic potion, which is being held by one of the enemies. To defeat the enemies, Tommy has a magic lightning attack and the potion can be picked up once you defeat the enemy holding it. There are many different types of enemies, some of which are tougher than others. The screen scrolls from left to right so if you reach the end without the diamond and potion you must explore the stage further to be able to pass the exit.

The game has some impressive colourful visuals and parallax scrolling backgrounds. The music makes good use of the sound chip and simple controls that should be familiar to any platform game fan. Also available is It’s Magic 2 from the developer’s home page.